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It is our policy that all complaints from an entity will be in writing for it to be documented, stating the true nature of the complaint be it against an employee of B-logic Certifications or another measured entity or against any processes, policies or systems.

  1. Upon receipt of a complaint as defined (i.e. service call, customer survey, via a salesperson, in writing, etc.) B-Logic will complete the complaints form, measured entity’s name, date and brief description of the complaint.  The complaint will be documented whether the complaint was resolved (i.e. by telephone) or in writing.
  2. A complaint can also be submitted via our website as per the enclosed fields below.
  3. Proper investigation and corrective action of all complaints will be taken as appropriate and documented on the entity’s file.
  4. The Complainant will be directed to the appropriate person to deal with the complainant.
  5. Upon completion/resolution of the complaint, the measured entity will be notified in writing of the decision and a copy of the resolution/corrective measures be kept on the measured entity’s file.
  6. If a trend is detected it will be investigated, the source determined and corrective action if necessary is taken. All action and decisions taken be documented on the measured entity’s file.

Complaints Form

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