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If an entity appeals against the overall score or any of the verified elements of the score card, needs to submit it in writing.


The administration department will provide the entity with the necessary documentation to be completed or the entity can complete the applicable fields in the space provided and submit.


The entity completes the appeal form and states the grounds for appeal and submits.


On receipt of the appeal form, the administration department will acknowledge receipt of the appeal in writing and request information/documentation from the entity that is needed to proceed with the investigation of the appeal.


B-Logic will proceed with the appeal on the grounds and supporting new facts, evidence or circumstance, documentation and or information that was submitted and validated.


B-Logic will inform the entity of the decision in writing and record the outcome on the entity’s file.


B-Logic shall be responsible for decisions at all levels.



Appeal Application Form


Name of Appellant:
Measured Entity
Contact Person:
Details of Appeal: (i.e. against a Verification Decision, Verification Analyst, etc.)
Grounds for Appeal: